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Teacher Training

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Teach Authentic Meditation

No meditation experience is necessary to begin training.

An Innovative Approach

Receive Certification from Phoenix Metaphysical Institute and Durga Ma



Train with a
.qualified, experienced

Enjoy succinct
.and easy to
.understand materials

Accelerate your
.own process

Get paid to
.benefit others

Grasp the Light and Pass It On



Learn as you go or take your previous experience to a new level

Be among the first to offer
authentic meditation technology for a modern world

Receive certification from Durga Ma and Phoenix Metaphysical Institute



..Understanding your
..subject gives you

..Teachers with
..naturally pass it on
..to their students.


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< < < PMI does not grant certification without education. > > >
We offer certification through our teacher training programs only.


Who Can Take This Training?

Both beginning and experienced meditators can benefit themselves
and others by teaching Durga Ma's Natural Meditation.

If you are new to meditation you have the advantage of starting with a clean slate. You will learn to meditate successfully and acquire the experience and confidence necessary to teach others to do the same.

If you have meditated before but feel that you are at a turning point or that you have been unsuccessful, this will change as you go through your training. You will make progress in your own efforts and acquire the knowledge and confidence of an experienced meditator.

If you are an experienced meditator, you will be asked to abandon preconceived ideas and beliefs about meditation for the duration of your training. Because you have had previous experience with meditation, when you begin teaching your own classes your experience will lend authority to your teaching.

....Attention Yoga Teachers !

....This is Your Opportunity to Offer
....Authentic Yoga Meditation to Your Students

Once having completed the Training, new Teachers are certified by Durga Ma and Phoenix Metaphysical Institute, LLC. and entered into our Directory of Teachers. 

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