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Spontaneous • Effortless • Uncommon

The giving, or transmission, of shakti is known as shaktipat diksha. The word diksha refers specifically to initiation in the sense of informing or bestowing something upon someone. Shaktipat diksha then, means “shakti-giving initiation,” and may be likened to lighting one candle with another candle. When the life energy in the body (prana) is released through shaktipat, kundalini, the evolutionary force, can awaken naturally.

As a result of shaktipat, meditation is spontaneous and kundalini is allowed to awaken naturally on its own. Once one has had this initiation, one need only continue with the meditation to reap its full bounty. This practice is called, Sahaja Yoga, Natural Meditation, Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga, or Surrender Meditation.

By continuing this practice on a regular basis, wonderful and profound experiences take place with no effort on your part. Direct experience is open to you. There is not an easier path to follow. Regardless of one's past, success is inevitable, so why would anyone not pursue it?

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