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In Durga Ma's teaching lineage, the practice that follows shaktipat diksha is Sahaja Yoga, shaktipat kundalini yoga, Experiential Meditation, or Surrender Meditation.

In this practice, surrender allows for spontaneousl meditation to be initiated by Shakti. The term "surrender" as it applies to Surrender Meditation, is the choice to allow the Divine absolute authority over your meditation. As you continue the practice of Surrender Meditation your ability to surrender increases.

The many meditation techniques available today have their origin in this natural process. In ancient times, people were observed to spontaneously enter into the meditative state and experience union with God. Observers tried to duplicate what they saw in order to get the same results, and meditation techniques were born. Many of these techniques have survived into our own time. They appear in religions and spiritual practices of all kinds throughout various cultures of the world.

A technique is a certain way of doing something in order to get a certain result. The process of trying to reach spiritual maturity through techniques is certainly possible, but it is long and demanding. It is possible to take another road which, though less traveled, can take you with speed and efficiency to the fulfillment of your spiritual quest.

By surrendering in the context of meditation, external influences are removed and it becomes possible to surrender more fully and to develop the ability to know the difference between actions that occur as a result of the mind and actions induced by shakti.

What happens in Surrender Meditation is up to the Divine. Success is inevitable when we get out of the way and leave meditation to Shakti.

Using the Will Creates Imbalance

Sahaja Yoga sadhana is not about balance because it is not about using the will. Will is the domain of techniques, ego and ahamkara ('I do'). The body is always thrown out of balance when the will is used. Even if balance is attained for a moment, it is simply not possible to maintain it indefinitely by using the will. Sooner or later, one must surrender. People devoted to willful practices may tell you otherwise.

The aim of Surrender Meditation is union with God, a unified state of mind, equanimity, zero-point, oneness, freedom (moksha), and transformation of the body, feelings and mind.

In what it is that we really are, we are already in union with God, already perfect and already free. The practice of Sahaja Yoga Surrender Meditation, simply clears things away so that this becomes more and more apparent, until there isn't anything in the way anymore, and we can live in Truth and the bliss of union without a break. At this point, the body will eventually transform and cheat death. How long this takes varies with every individual, from weeks, to months, to years, to lifetimes.


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