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Awakening Kundalini

It is said in yogic scripture that kundalini is for the liberation of yogis and fettering of fools. A person seeking to awaken kundalini in order to fulfill worldly desires should take note of this statement. It is also known that kundalini can be dormant, partially awake to varying degrees, or fully awake. An awakened kundalini is active. The degree to which kundalini is active depends on individual readiness and orientation.



Pranotthana is the precursor to the awakening of kundalini. Shakti, the activating force, is universal. In a body, shakti is Life Energy and is called prana or prana-shakti. When through shaktipat and surrender to the Divine the Life Energy in the body is set free, prana becomes very strong. This is called pranotthana. The word pranotthana means 'prana-up'. This is what prana wants, to rise upward. To do this, it must be very strong. When it is strong enough, it will awaken kundalini which in turn clears the way for the prana to move upward through the central channel, the sushumna nadi.


Around and through the sushumna nadi are chakras (wheels, energy centers) and granthis (knots and tangles). Kundalini makes it Her business to pierce these obstructions in order for prana to rise upward. This is Her job. Ultimately then, it is kundalini who makes it possible for one to attain samadhi, equanimity, and union with the Divine.

Kundalini & Meditation 

Because it is the aim of kundalini-shakti that one attains complete non-attachment and liberation, this is also the aim of Experiential Meditation. For those who do not have this aim, it is important not to do more than two hours a day. This meditation iis very seductive, and most are very attracted to it and love meditating. However, if you have responsibilities in the world, it is best to limit it to two hours to avoid kundalini becoming a hindrance instead of a blessing.


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