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Shaktipat Intensives

Shaktipat Intensives begin with a seminar tol provide you with important information relevant to the practice of spontaneous Experiential Surrender Meditation. Shaktipat and initiation into this practice follows the seminar portion of the Intensive and is optional. To learn more about Shaktipat Intensives and Registration, click here.


After brief instructions you will receive shaktipat directly from Durga Ma and become initiated into the practice of Sahaja Yoga (shaktipat kundalini yoga, Surrender Meditation). Initiation generally takes about one hour and will be held concurrent with your Intensive.

You may receive shaktipat spontaneously at any time during an Intensive, or even before or afterwards.


Durga Ma offers support for initiates at MysticalTidbits.com where you will find more information about this practice, and translations of short excerpts from Sanskrit texts. You may leave questions for Durga Ma, and share experiences and have discussions with other initiates in the "Meditation Experiences" section.


Initiates qualify for membership in Shaktipat Roundtable, an online gathering place for initiates only. Here you can leave comments and create discussions with other initiates, and leave questions for Durga Ma. Roundtable Tutorials are password protected and available to initiates only. Memebership has no set fee, but we encourage you to make pledge donations for this work. Your donations are tax-deductible. SKY Haven is an Arizona non-profit.


Shaktipat Intensives

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Mystery of Shaktipat



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