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Preparedness for Shaktipat

Two factors are instrumental to receiving shaktipat: surrender and preparedness.

1. The choice to surrender to the Divine

Shakti is Divine Energy, the go-power, the animator, the primordial power that makes things happen. Shaktipat, the transmission of shakti, allows for the bound life energy in the body to be released and set free, thus triggering the awakening of kundalni. This can only occur if you are surrendered — if you choose not to try to control things, but to leave everything to God, to Divine Mother Shakti, to Holy Spirit. A shaktipat guru cannot cause or force you to surrender. Surrender is a choice you make. 

2. Your preparedness

If the body, mind and emotions are massively burdened with impurities, Shakti, in Her infinite wisdom, will protect you by witholding her power to the necessary degree, no matter how surrendered you are. The purpose of the minimal Guidelines below, is to help you prepare for this initiation and increase its effectiveness.

The purpose of Sahaja Yoga Surrender Meditation, is purification, and with sufficient purification, to reveal God. Any impurities you may come with to this initiation can be dealt with through this practice. Preparing will reduce impurities, but we all have them to some degree, even after initiation. Think of purification as sweeping the dust off of a bright and shinny floor. There was nothing wrong with the dust, it just wasn't where it belonged. Through Surrender Meditation, Divine Mother Shakti will sweep your floor and restore divine order, so that you can reach the ultimate goal.

To the degree that you surrender
and are prepared, shakti will set free the life force in your body, thus triggering the awakening of the evolutionary force, kundalini.

If your kundalini is already awake, your initiation experience may be different than if it were otherwise. By continuing with Surrender Meditation after your initiation, Kundalini will be allowed to do Her job naturally and effectively, with the least possible discomfort to you.

If your kundalini is not awake and does not awaken during your initiation, just continue the practice, and Kundalini will soon make Her entrance. How will you know when She awakens? You probably won't. The reason for this is that She will awaken naturally. Forcing kundalini to awaken may give you interesting phenomena, but a forced kundalini is not a happy kundalini (how would you feel?). A happy kundalini functions smoothly and efficiently for your own benefit, without unpleasant side-effects.

Guidelines for Initiation and Practice

Have faith in Durga Ma's teachings regarding Sahaja Yoga sadhana.
Have an intense desire for profound spiritual experiences and divine union.
Accept the supremacy of God, by any name, and be willing to accept that what you truly are is divine.
Maintain the ongoing practice of ahimsa (harmlessness of thought, speech and action) as your true nature in everyday life.
Avoid stimulants and depressants, including people and places.
Keep your body, clothes and home neat, clean and orderly.
Once initiated, practice Sahaja Yoga Surrender Meditation for a minimum of one hour per day.
Be willing to communicate periodically with Durga Ma about your sadhana.

If you are under the age of 18, you must have the consent of your parents or primary caregivers. If you are married or partnered, you must have the consent of your spouse or partner. If you have a guru, you must have that person's consent.

The above Guidelines apply to shaktipat diksha and to the ongoing practice of Surrrender Meditation.


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