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The Prophesy

The Music of Durga Ma

While searching for her spiritual master, an endeavor that took her nearly three years, Durga Ma encountered a prophesy involving her music. The wise old woman who spoke this prophesy had no prior knowledge of Durga Ma or of her previous musical experience.

The prophesy said that she would find her path soon, and that after several years of spiritual practice and meditation, she would return to her music to create a “new music” that had the power to move the listener into deep meditative states, and to find healing and spiritual growth.

We each have a tonal center,
a certain pitch to which the body is tuned, just like
a musical instrument.
— Durga Ma

The use of a broad range of frequencies in her music would affect the listener by activating the chakras and awakening dormant energies that would open the door to spiritual transformation.

This was many years ago. In the process of answering a request to tell the story of her spiritual journey,* Durga Ma recalled this prophesy and suddenly realized that she was in the middle of its fulfillment. The prophesy was coming true.

I was listening to Durga Ma's music while I was driving the car. It was so beautiful. I began to enter into a meditative state before I realized what was happening and had to pull the car over. Since that time, I have used Durga Ma's music to meditate and to relax. Her music is beyond description.


Durga Ma's Music

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