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Mindful Life Meditation & Mastery

Greater Happiness through Greater Self Awareness

There are certain things that are necessary to know and do before any attempts at improving your life can bring lasting success. Life Mastery is the answer to this common omission. Now you can enroll directly in one of Durga Ma's Life Mastery online programs, or work directly with her in Phoenix.

• Fundamental Principles of Personal Growth

• Meditation Technology and Practice

• Mindful Life Mastery

• Hip Pocket Techniques

• One Minute Meditations

• Teacher Training & Certification

A Unique Approach

Can you imagine a piano teacher giving a beginner a Mozart piano sonata before becoming familiar with the keyboard? Many self-improvement methods are doing this very thing. They attempt to teach you how to become successful and empowered but neglect some critical fundamentals that are necessary for maintaining your success.

The unique feature of Durga Ma’s approach is that she begins with genuine foundations—literally—and gives you experiential ways to put these foundations into effect so that they take root.


Online courses and live classes

Meditation Teacher Training & Certification



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