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Course Descriptions

Bonus Materials

Meditation music audios, audio meditation timers, audio and video guided affirmative meditations, audio and video guided One Minute Meditations, talks, Finders (glossaries).


1 A Course in Mindfulness


2 Mindfulness Advanced


3 Successful Meditation Techniques

Learn what meditation really is, how it works, what it does, and how to do it successfully and reap the benefits.

In this course you'll learn essential information about meditation, information that even many experienced meditators do not know. You'll explore meditation techniques, the most well known and popular type of meditation, but you'll see it from a completely new perspective. Experiments and One Minute Meditations.

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4 Non Technique Meditation

An introduction to a rare and uncommon type of meditation.

In this course, you'll look at the two fundamental types of meditation. You will be introduced to a rare and uncommon approach to meditation that Durga Ma has dubbed "Non Technique Meditation," and given the keys to a modified form of this practice. This type of meditation has been hidden from the masses for centuries and only given to a select few by spiritual masters privy to its existence.

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5 Empowerment Meditation

Access your inherent power and find your own natural meditation

Durga Ma has designed Empowerment Meditation so that you can expand your consciousness, access your inherent power, and have the opportunity to discover the type of meditation that comes naturally and easily to you. All of this gets taken care of simultaneously!

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6 Surrender Meditation

The secret meditation of ancient masters

In this course, you'll learn about the meditation that gave birth to meditation techniques. This meditation is called by many names: Surrender Meditation, Natural Meditation, sahaja yoga, or shaktipat kundalini yoga (SKY) meditation, etc. It is the original meditation of ancient masters from which meditation techniques were eventually developed through observation. It is so closely guarded by spiritual masters that it is virtually unknown and is not generally known.

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7 Maximize Your Meditation

The eight limbs of spiritual practice as taught by the ancient sage, Patanjali, in plain English, for practical use.

Learn about eight practices for deepening meditation and accelerating spiritual growth and transformation, and the superhuman powers that result with success. I have made these otherwise lofty teachings easy to understand and to use in today's world.

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8 Self-Referencing


9 Mental Yoga

Work out the cricks in your mind for greater mental strength, agility, command and influence.

Liberate yourself from the domination of annoying, unwanted mindsets, and shift your state in an instant. Develop freedom from fixed mental, emotional and physical states, and get relief from the effects of these states. Choose what you want to think, and what you want to feel emotionally, or change your overall state of being to one of your own choosing.

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10 Ten Keys to Success

How to attain success and special powers.

Learn how to achieve success at anything as you build the foundation for successful spiritual practice. Align with the Divine through ten principles descriptive of the Divine and you-as-you-really-are, that can lead you to the attainment of ten special powers.

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11 Design Your Life

Match your practices to your primary aim in life.

Is your life filled with happiness and harmony? Or is it filled with conflicting wants, needs, responsibilities and things you have to do? This course will help you to determine the kinds of pursuits and spiritual practices that best support your primary aim in life.

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12 Ancient Mystical Writings

See Truth through the eyes of ancient mystics

The study of the teachings of those who have achieved the highest success in the spiritual journey is essential for anyone determined to do the same.

See Truth through the eyes of ancient mystics. Take a journey with with Durga Ma through a synopsis of an ancient Sanskrit mystical text. In the process, you will learn how to decipher sacred texts on your own without even having to learn the original language. You will learn how to translate the translations and apply them to your own life.

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