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Bhagavad Gita, Volume One
English Translation with Commentary
Chapters 1 - 3

If all you ever do is the first chapter of the Gita, with proper understanding you will have everything you need. — Durga Ma

Living the Mysteries, the spiritual journey of Durga Ma,
is now available on Kindle for only $2.99.


Sugar Pie's New Book

The Legend of Woody Ma
An automatic writing from the great cat sage, Sugar Pie,
by Durga Ma.

Hi! My name is Sugar Pie, and I’m one super happy dude. I know stuff. Consider from where I write! (If you don't know, you should read my first book, Sugar Pie's Book of Joy). Like, I know about the Keepers, the Leavers, Woody Ma and the Bigfoot. That should be enough to wet your appetite for a little adventure . . . seriously.

Download The Legend of Woody Ma to your computer (PDF) $11.95


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Sugar Pie's Book of Joy
Seven Great Teachings for Happier Living

Durga Ma

An automatic writing from the great cat sage, Sugar Pie.

Sugar gives us seven teachings from his own experience for having a happy life. He covers the subjects of Love, Good Relationships, Trust, No Fear, Growing Up, Communication, and "The Really Smart Stuff." Truly Great Teachings that are a real kick to read.

Now available on Kindle, $2.99

Download Sugar Pie's Book of Joy to your computer (PDF) $11.95


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Living the Mysteries
The Spiritual Journey of Durga Ma

Dr. Terry Preston

Living the Mysteries is a uniquely American woman's story. Its importance, however, transcends that of one individual and speaks to all people who desire to lead a spiritual life in our modern time. Living the Mysteries consists of stories of Durga Ma's life recorded and compiled by Dr. Preston and includes some of Durga Ma's teachings. At the time of this book, Durga Ma has attained all the steps of yoga sadhana (spiritual practice).

Now available on Kinde, $2.99.

Download Living the Mysteries to your computer (PDF) $15.00


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Meditating Naturally

Durga Ma

Durga Ma has simplified a previously mysterious and misunderstood subject and made it possible for anyone to practice meditation and get results. Meditating Naturally is a unique synthesis which is the result of Durga Ma's own personal experience. For many years, she has tested tradition and non-tradition, written teachings and oral teachings, in her own lab, her meditation, and now she shares it with us.

Download Meditating Naturally to your computer (PDF) $15.00


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The Yoga of Wealth
Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

Durga Ma

The Yoga of Wealth is a book of enormous value to anyone wanting to live well, enjoy success, and ultimately, to find true freedom.

The Yoga of Wealth is filled with knowledge and insights that will carry you forward and add to your success. It is simple, practical and useful for those wishing to improve their lives and for anyone wanting to better understand the fundamental principles that underlie all spiritual paths.

Amazon Hard Copy


Ancient Mystical Writings

Clear and simple translations in plain English

Ancient spiritual texts have previously been available in lengthy, scholarly translations abundant with commentary. Durga Ma puts it all in a nutshell. Beginners as well as experienced meditators will find a new light on Truth with Durga Ma's clear and simple translations of the original Sanskrit.



The Song of God

Durga Ma

The Song of God is a condensation of a larger mystical work called the Bhagavad Gita (The Song of God). Durga Ma has summed up this lengthy work in more universal terms, and made this well known and much debated masterpiece accessible and easier to understand.

Download Song of God to your computer (PDF) $9.95



Divine Love

Durga Ma

The sage Narada's Bhakti Sutras present the path of love and devotion as the easiest and simplest means to spiritual fulfillment for all people. Durga Ma has translated these sutras from the Sanskrit into easy to understand, easy to use, every day English.


Download Divine Love to your computer (PDF) $9.95




Durga Ma

Chapter one of the sage Patanjali's Yoga Sutras presents us with a picture of the highest state of spiritual fulfillment. In this book we are privy to the means of reaching this state and what we can expect in the process of attaining it.

Download Fulfillment to your computer (PDF) $9.95



Wisdom and Knowledge

Durga Ma

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, chapter two part one, tells us the causes of unhappiness and how to outsmart them. In this book, we learn the means of attaining self-realization and eternal happiness.

Download Wisdom and Knowledge to your computer (PDF) $9.95



Spiritual Practices

Durga Ma

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, chapter two part two (and a few sutras into chapter three), is an extraordinarily well organized and succinct description of the practices involved in sun-moon (hatha) yoga and the awakening of kundalini. Through these practices we are led to wisdom, fulfillment and eternal happiness.


Download Spiritual Practices to your computer (PDF) $9.95


Make Your Own Music

Learn Music Through Keyboard Improvisation

These illustrated books will show you how you can play immediately and learn music as you go along at your own pace. You can create your own music and learn to read music gradually as you play your way through these FUN and EASY books. You don't have to know anything about music or keyboard instruments to GET STARTED RIGHT NOW.

Click to find out how easy it is.


Keyboard Master
Ad Lib 1

95 Pages of Unlimited Possibilities

Play keyboard right now. Learn at your own pace. Play your own music your own way, and learn music while you're at it. No kidding! It's fun, and you won't believe how easy it is.

Download Ad Lib 1 to your computer (PDF) $29.95

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Keyboard Master
Ad Lib 2

Making Melody and Harmony

Add major and minor five finger patterns and chords to your tool belt, along with more improvisation ideas and musical wisdom.


Download Ad Lib 2 to your computer (PDF) $15.95

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Keyboard Master
Ad Lib 3

Progressive Keyboard Harmonies

Harmonic progressions, more improvisation ideas, blues five finger patterns and Blues Progression #1, which you can use for most any kind of music-making in spite of its title.

Download Ad Lib 3 to your computer (PDF) $15.95

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Keyboard Master
Ad Lib 4

AdLibbing to Compose

Short musical ideas for composing your own music. How to build chords. Blues Progression #2 and other cool tools and, of course, more musical wisdom.

Download Ad Lib 4 to your computer (PDF) $15.95

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