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About Us

Meet the Mandala Team

Who We Are

We are a group of people who understand that abundance, fulfillment and joy, are the natural state of all beings. It is our aim to bring individuals closer to this state by bringing the ancient teachings and practices of the East into the modern world.

The principles of these teachings may be understood in numerous dimensions ranging from the practical to the deeply esoteric. They may be practiced by people in the course of everyday life and they may be distilled to their essence and practiced by those who dedicate their lives exclusively to their spiritual path.

Our Philosophy

All that is, is God, the Divine, manifest as the world and unmanifest as pure potential. Because the Divine is without limitation, the world is without limitation. Anything is possible. There is more than enough for everyone. Competition is irrelevant: you can have what you need or want without anything being taken away from anyone else.

Because all that is is Divine, you are divine: You are without limitations. Your power is inherent. Through your power of conscious choice (free will) aligned with the Divine, you can achieve anything. Anything you can imagine — prosperity, happiness, freedom and fulfillment — you can achieve.

What We Do

Phoenix Metaphysical Institute, founded on the philosophy and teachings of Durga Ma, serves as a medium for teaching individuals, training teachers, and personalized guidance.


b PMI brings you ancient wisdom for a modern world without sacrificing authenticity.
b We respect each unique individual and aim to address personal differences, even in group settings.
b We revisit traditional teachings from different approaches and present fundamental concepts in ways that invite new perspectives.
b We teach the rethinking of old ideas in order to uncover additional possibilities and opportunities.
b We encourage individuals to "translate the translations," and to arrive at their own conclusions.
b We ask students to explore and experiment until they are satisfied that any one thing that they have learned either works for them or not.
b We support and encourage those who seek knowledge and practices for everyday life, and those who seek to live the mysteries through a life of full-time spiritual practice and study.




© 2007, Phoenix Metaphysical Institute, Durga Ma and Dr Terry Preston.