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Teacher Training

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Teacher Training & Certification

Teach Authentic Meditation in a Supportive Setting

Our teachers complete training coursework online, or study directly with Durga Ma in Phoenix.

New teachers are certified by Durga Ma and Phoenix Metaphysical Institute, LLC, and entered into our Directory of Teachers.

Our teachers include experienced and advanced meditators who have acquired extensive familiarity with course content and teaching procedure for each course they are certified to teach.

Learn how to teach or facilitate with kindness and positive reinforcement
Teach exciting interactive classes
Get teaching tools and techniques
Structure seminars, classes and workshops
Learn how to promote yourself
Learn how to develop courses that are compatible with the location, business or institution where you teach.

Teachers-in-training receive direct support from Durga Ma, and also find support by sharing with each other in an online setting, using a special password protected web page where they may ask questions and have discussions.

Certified teachers may count on Durga Ma and the PMI staff for continued support.

NOTE: Completion of comprehensive New Dawn courses, live or online, is required. The time frame for completing the Online Meditation Teacher Training course has been extended to match the time frame for completing New Dawn courses.

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