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SKY Haven


SKY Haven

A Non-Profit Organizaion

Our community currently meets online at Mystical Tidbits for weekend messages from Durga Ma. We hope you will join us there, and Follow Durga Ma’s work.


SKY stands for Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga. The primary practice of SKY is Surrender Meditation.

Our Mandala (a circle with a central focus) represents shaktipat initiates of Durga Ma who practice Surrender Meditation, individuals who study with her through her coursework and teaching, and students and well-wishers of Durga Ma and Phoenix Metaphysical Institute.

So our Mandala is really a circle of people with a similar interest. Are you one of these people?

SKY Haven is a mission Ma began years ago after Swami Kripalu stated his wish that a place in the continental United States be created where people could come to practice this sadhana to completion, a journey requiring special conditions not currently available.

Durga Ma proposes to include in SKY Haven, any and all forms of tolerant spirituality, in such a manner that everyone, including surrounding communities, shares its benefits. I have joined in this mission with the ultimate goal of bringing SKY Haven to fruition.

SKY Haven is to be a place where people can live, visit or retreat for spiritual counsel and practice — a fully functioning, sustainable community, living in alignment with our true nature, providing a haven with the support and guidance of an authentic spiritual master, and teachers committed to the awakening of their students and the world.

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