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Life Readings


Get Your Map to Personal Fulfillment

Durga Ma translates your own messages to yourself by reading your fingerprints and the skin ridge patterns on your hands.

A Life Reading with Durga Ma will reveal your life's agenda, your special gifts and talents, and the types of pursuits that have the greatest potential for personal fulfillment.

You will also learn about the lessons you will encounter along the way, and how to use obstacles to your advantage.

Discover what you are in life to learn, to do, and to master, and what the payoff for success will be.


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What others are saying about Durga Ma's Life Readings:

"I feel like I have the information I need to live my life in a real and practical way that will take me where I want to go."

"My Life Reading with Durga Ma shed some much needed light on things I hadn't even thought about! Thank you, Durga Ma."

"I got the information I needed, the validation I needed, and the guidance I needed, to adjust my life and and move on to better things."

"Durga Ma doesn't just give a reading, she points the way to manifesting the positive things that come up, and provides a means of handling difficulties and reaching greater happiness and satisfaction."


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Life Readings





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