Spiritual Practices

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras in a Nutshell

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The Foundations of Practice
   The Eight Limbs of Practice
   The Purpose of the Eight Limbs
   Yama - Principles of Divine Relationship
   Niyama - Principles of Individual Divinity
   Cultivating Opposites
   Powers that Accompany Mastery of Yama
   Powers that Accompany Mastery of Niyama

Awakening Kundalini
   Sun-Moon Union (Hatha Yoga)
   Asana - Positions and Dispositions
   Pranayama - Energy States
   Pratyahara - Introversion

Spiritual Powers
   Kundalini Rising (Raja Yoga)
   Dharana - Concentration
   Dhyana - Meditation
   Samadhi - Fulfillment


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