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Special Event

Meditation Can Happen To You

A Three Hour Workshop with Durga Ma

For Beginning and Experienced Meditators

Durga Ma

10309 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale AZ
Saturday,  February 27
11 AM- 2 PM

Authentic yoga meditation the easy way

Interactive and informative

Exciting energy experiments

Experience three powerful meditation modes

Determine which is for you

Advance Registration  $45
$55 after February 13

In this workshop, Durga Ma will not be teaching one technique among the many, but taking you on a journey into the guts of Real Meditation to bring you Real Results. You will get a solid knowledge base and fresh experience. She will share with you the most basic essentials, most of which you are likely unaware, even if you have meditated for years.

In this easy-going environment, you will also learn a way to meditate that will reveal the type of meditation that is most natural for you, making your meditation experience easy, pleasant and beneficial, while giving you access to your inherent power.

Turn the key to unlimited possibilities. Authentic meditation will bring you Authentic results. The Benefits of Meditation are vast:

Stress Reduction
Spiritual Awakening
Deep Relaxation
Expanded Consciousness
Peaceful Mind
Access toYour Inherent Power
Discover the Healer Within
Etc., etc., etc.

With nearly forty years of study and meditation practice in excess of eight hours a day, Durga Ma has tested what she has learned in her own lab, her meditation. Having achieved what she sought, she now comes to share it with you.

Advance Registration  $45
$55 after February 13

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